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Wellness at Wood County

Wellness at Wood County

What is Wellness?

Worksite Wellness can be defined as "an organized program in the worksite that is intended to assist employees and their family members in making voluntary behavior changes that reduce their health risk and enhance their individual productivity and well-being."

Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life. This process can lead to a healthier state of well-being that allows individuals and communities to thrive.

The 2016-2017 Wood County Wellness Program welcomes you to use your new personal online wellness portal! Click here to access: ManageWell Wellness Portal

This website will replace the previous way you tracked wellness activities. It features valuable health programs and tools as well as a central location for storing and tracking your wellness efforts. For example: scheduling your biometric appointments, coaching appointment and a NEW online health assessment.

Employees can earn up to $475, plus an entry into a FREE YMCA gym membership for a year. *All full time and part time Wood County employees are eligible for this incentive and access to the online wellness portal.

In order for employees to be eligible to earn cash they MUST complete and record THREE required wellness activities:

  • Complete a Health Assessment
  • Complete a Biometric Screening
  • Meet with an Aspirus Health coach to review your Wellness Report and set a health goal

Spouses that are enrolled in the County’s health plan must complete the three wellness activities listed above by the deadlines to earn $100 for the year. The biometric screening, is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, and will be conducted by Aspirus Business Health.

We thank you in advance for participating in the Wood County Wellness Program! As we continue to enhance our wellness efforts, I encourage you to learn more about the 2016-2017 Wellness Program with your new personal online wellness portal to see how you can get engaged to improve and maintain your health.

Wellness Program Current Events

Wellness Policies

Posted 12/12/2016 by afandre@co.wood.wi.us

Look below for a list of current wellness policies:

  • Influenza Vaccination Policy

  • Eligibility to Participate in Employee Wellness Programming and Receive Incentives

  • Employee Wellness Policy (combined breaks)

  • Purchase of Sit/Stand Workstations and other Ergonomic Equipment

  • Tobacco Policy

Read our featured WellStory!

Posted 10/28/2016 by sjoanis@co.wood.wi.us
Read inspiring success stories and real life testimonials from co-workers that have made great positive changes.  Hopefully their success gives others the motivation to reach their wellness goals! 

We would like to recognize individuals and groups for their efforts in Wellness. If you have a WellStory that you would like to share with others please email Sammi Joanis or your wellness champ! 

Thanks for sharing your success!

New Online Personal Wellness Portal Registration!

Posted 10/14/2016 by sjoanis@co.wood.wi.us
Click the link below to learn how to register for your personal online wellness portal!

*You will need your Wood County Employee Number- you can find this number located in the middle your paycheck stub above Employee ID field. 

Get to know our Featured Wellness Champ!!!

Posted 8/5/2016 by sjoanis@co.wood.wi.us
A Wellness Champ plays an important role in the success of Wood County's wellness program. They are leaders, problem solvers, planners, and evaluators of the wellness program. They help ensure wellness programs, challenges, and activities are implemented successfully and are a good fit for employees.
They also help to increase engagement and improve health in others through promotion and camaraderie!

We would like to show our appreciation for all of the hard work our Champs at Wood County do! Get to know our featured Wellness Champ and be sure to thank OUR Wellness Champs for everything they do!