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Economic Development Grants – Application Deadline Friday July 8, 2022

Posted 6/2/2022 by Wood County Planning and Zoning Department

Wood County through the Conservation, Education and Economic Development Committee (CEED) will be providing grant funds for economic development projects in the County for 2023.  Eligible applicants include any organization that collaborates with the County on economic development projects or initiatives.  Projects should be consistent with and support the Wood County Wisconsin Rural Economic Development Plan.  The Plan can be found at: Wood County Rural Econonic Development Plan (PDF)

The total amount of County funds allocated towards the grants has not been determined yet.  More details regarding the grant and eligible projects can be found by clicking on the form fillable application below.  All applications are due by 4:30pm on Friday July 8, 2022.  Please direct any questions to Jason R. Grueneberg, Director of Planning & Zoning at 715-421-8466 or  jgrueneberg@co.wood.wi.us

Submit completed applications to vwilson@co.wood.wi.us